A new soul

This topic actually came up in my mind almost 2 years ago in the event of this blog’s establishment. It was the time I began to do everything I can to transform a fool myself to a calmer and wiser version. You know, first steps are always the most difficult, confusing and impatient. But finally, I can (at least) finish it now in 2017 \m/ 

What’s special about this entry? (Bold) black font is what I wrote in early 2016 and Italic red font is my response in late 2017. 


So I think it’s time to do some brief writing about what I have been “working on” so far: soul feeding.

After struggling with depression and the idea of suicide for the past few years, I decided to experiment some adjustment on my life style. It could be drinking more water, eating more vegetables and fruits, sleeping earlier, etc.

Maybe a new soul is not something that we can easily show or talk about, but I believe it’s growing in our heart every single day and gradually changes how we see things, how we act and react to anything happening in our lives.

And a new soul needs to be fed with a new so-called diet.

That is exactly my biggest concern at present time and also the most interesting project I’ve ever done: building a diet that my soul will never get bored with. After completing the first stage defining how I aim to (inner peace), here are a few things I’m experimenting to maintain it:

  • Reading-as-a-hobby more: My working day always starts with 2 of my favorite blogs about coffee and The Economists newspaper. Some podcasts or talks online about a variety of topics playing through the day are also included to diversify this new hobby. ==> The truth is, after a few months feeding myself with new knowledge, I tended to get bored of having no-one to discuss these sort of technical understanding. My solution then were moving to other sources of information in different fields. Instead of economy and coffee, I challenged myself to read articles about psychology and society. I successfully built it as a pleasure for my boring time, but keeping it on track is still a big problem!
  • Sharing as connecting: the connection between human beings is such powerful that can delight your day and maybe your whole life. Talking is easy. Sharing, in the other hand, is a stronger effort in communication. Sometimes you have to pause your story for a while and put your feet into other’s shoes. This win-win relationship is quite tough at the very beginning but once you’ve done it well, you’ll understand the meaning of compassion. I realized this is my favorite activity that I can do it all day and every day!
  • Challenge myself to find the positive side of an unwanted thing: If you can’t avoid it, live with it, happily. If you can’t stand it, solve it, smart and brave. Surprisingly, this way of thinking contributes the most to my personalities now after 2 years practicing. At first, I used to doubt my capability with this “homework”. It’s tough, but its result attracted me to repeat it time after time. Then I tried giving this advice to some of my friends to see if it works for them as it did to me. One more time, talking is easy. Even when I can give them a specifically feasible plan to deal with any unexpected event, they gave up right at the time it happened. “Why is life so unfair to me?” – a typical teenager sighs! 


In fact, I raised and failed quite a lot new habits, projects and challenges. One of them is writing this blog. However, any failure is a step to success. More entries will be coming soon next year !

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