A different coffee event

Recently I realized that, there are two main typical kinds of coffee event in our city (Saigon):

  • Big annual events where national coffee competition occurs along with exhibition, talk show and mini contests.
  • Small occasional events such as cupping session, brewing contests, sharing workshop, new crop celebration.

It’s good to see how these events help bringing the art and science behind coffee to more people. As a coffee lover, however, sometimes I look for a party where I come just to play some games, grab some food and drinks and have some fun, while I can still see my coffee fellows. I wonder what it would be and how it would go.

So, to close the Year of Rat and welcome a better Year of Ox, I brought this idea to life.


A straight-forward name easily reveals the event’s concept: casual, meetup, entertaining. Light foods and free-flowing non-alcoholic drinks are offered during the party.


Sandwiches with different fillings (jam, peanut butter, ham-cheese) and granola are on top of my list to full fill the guest’s stomach without ruining their palate for some coffee battles. What surprised me the most is that half of our guests chose granola over sandwiches! From my experience, people tend to choose meat dishes or sweet snacks when it comes to food choice, so granola has not yet been a big thing in our coffee community. I’m glad that I was wrong, my guests are paying more attention to healthy food! I’ll definitely add more options of food for the next time.

3 signature drinks were restlessly offered throughout the party without any information of their ingredients provided. Look at their picture below, can you guess what each of them is?



To start off, every guest had to spin the lucky wheel right when they entered the party.

You spin my head right round right round….

Some people received free gifts…

Another had to do jumping jacks!

Some lost their turn of playing the dart games, some gained more!


Rules for dart games were set up in the most simple way so that no matter how much players scored, they got a gift! From postcards…

coasters and pins….

…to choices of book.


Finally, a coffee event can’t be made without coffee. Throughout the party, coffee from different roasters and made by different brewers were served to the guests and they would then vote for their most favorite cups.

The winning roaster and winning brewers who received the most votes got a full package of gift, including: a choice of book with bookmarks attached, a set of ceramic coasters, a pair of pins and a set of 7 postcards.

How cute!

The coffee that helped the roaster win the game is….

This experimental event was both a success and a failure. The guests had fun, but it could be better in many ways: more creative games, more networking activities and more gifts. I surprisingly found that my guests love book! To be honest, in some moments, books became the reason and motivation for them to join the brewing battle. Once again, I’m glad that I was wrong when being afraid that books would be the least wanted gifts.

So far, the event inspired me to go further with the idea of enhancing the connection between coffee lovers by creating more non-coffee activities. It could be a book club, outdoor cinema or weekend hangouts. Everything we learn from different aspects of life eventually helps us develop our community.

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